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The business world today is much more complex than it was 20 years ago. With that complexity comes the need to better understand specific business processes and protocols, regulatory compliance concerns, sales and marketing functions and all other aspects of your industry, specific to your organization.

Like many other professional service firms, GoodWorks Financial Group of companies decided on a niche-based business model many years ago, and we continue to maintain our commitment to that decision today.  We know that cutting-edge knowledge of our clients’ business and attention to detail can mean the difference between success and failure—with failure not being an option.

At GoodWorks Financial Group, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled service we provide all of our clients across all of our companies.  And while there are many reasons for our success, industry specialization is at the top of the list. As evidenced by our client retention rates, we know that our clients not only value our understanding and dedication to the industries they operate in, they demand it.  In today’s business environment, industry specialization and niche models are essential.

Whether you are in the automotive repair business, an up-and-coming restauranteur, or charged with the oversight of a not-for-profit charitable organization, when you have questions regarding your unique risk and insurance issues, the GoodWorks Financial Group of companies has the answers.


+ Brewers & Bottlers

As of November 2016, there were a total of 5,005 breweries in America, a new record high. Looking at the history of the industry, we see that in the 1980s, when mass-market companies thoroughly dominated the scene, there were fewer than 100 brewing operations in business. But as America's tastes turned to craft beer, the brewing scene expanded dramatically. By 2008, there were roughly 1,500 breweries in operation, and 3,500 by early 2015. Today, the American Brewery count is over 5,000, topping the 4,131 locations that had previously represented the all-time high set back in 1873, long before Prohibition and decades of consolidation that transformed the industry. Since 2012, breweries have been opening at an average rate of one per day. And even though the numbers are beginning to slow down, by all accounts, business is thriving—but as with all growing businesses so are the risks.

All of these new breweries, as well as their more seasoned counterparts, face a myriad of risks and challenges. From the day in, day out challenges of running a business to the never-ending battle with their competitors for shelf space, running a craft beer operation is not as easy as one might think, and the risks associated with it aren’t either.

Working with the industry experts at GoodWorks Financial Group, you can check finding the right risk and insurance services partner off your list. Our craft brewery insurance experts can help you to better understand the risks and the various insurance products you may need to ensure the safety and financial security of the business.


As a contractor or owner of a construction company, you are exposed to the risk of property damage, employee injury and vehicle accidents with every project you undertake. But with the right risk and insurance services partner, you can minimize the risk and liabilities that can steal your profits.

The construction experts at GoodWorks Financial Group have a deep understanding of the unique challenges contractors face on a daily basis—risks they need to manage in order to stay competitive, safe and profitable. GoodWorks Financial Group knows that contractors have exposures that require specialized coverage and an in-depth underwriting team that understands the complexities of the industry and the geographic markets they serve. Armed with state-specific knowledge, in addition to their construction acumen, our experts aggressively monitor the economic and judicial climates and how they impact customers and their businesses.


Without question, Financial Institutions (FIs), more so than all other industries, face the greatest pressure to the bottom line. Regulatory changes, data breaches and other cyber risks, as well as global economic uncertainty present unrelenting challenges that apply additional pressure to an already volatile environment.

At GoodWorks Financial Group, we know the industry, the markets, and our clients’ businesses. Our senior leaders in this sector have the knowledge and the necessary tools to identify loss trends, in some cases, losses that have yet to occur—but based on industry trends and data research are likely to do so. With the help of our dedicated industry experts, clients gain insights on a broad range of risks faced by banks, credit unions, investment companies, insurance companies, private equity firms and other financial services sector clients. When it comes to insuring financial institutions, look to GoodWorks for an entire suite of products created specifically to serve the risks you face.


As a fuel dealer or distributor, building the right insurance program can be a complicated, even daunting task, particularly if you are going it alone. That is where the experts at GoodWorks Financial Group come in. Knowing the space as well as we do, we can help you determine and define the many exposures you face, identify any gaps that may be present in your current program, and simplify the program development or improvement process.

At GoodWorks Financial Group, we know the risks you face on a daily basis, selling and delivering all types of fuel, such as automotive gasoline, fuel oil, propane and kerosene, to commercial accounts and private homes. At the very core of what you do, you are responsible for ensuring safe and timely delivery to all of your customers. Because a disaster within this business segment can result in monumental damage, it is imperative that you know all that you can know, and do all that you can do to protect your businesses with the right fuel dealers and distributors insurance program. If you are looking for someone to help, look no further than GoodWorks.


Is your garage Insurance a total wreck? You probably have questions about the best way to protect your auto service operation.

At GoodWorks Financial Group, our agents have over 35 years of specialized experience in the garage and automotive sector—putting us safely in the lead when it comes to understanding the needs of the auto service industry. GoodWorks is one of the largest, if not the largest, writer of garage and related insurance in New England, and is very well known in the industry for its expertise. In addition, we have enjoyed the exclusive endorsement of the Gasoline and Automobile Service Dealers of America ("GASDA") for the last twenty years.

We shop all insurance markets to provide the best coverage options and obtain the best value to specifically protect your business.


The lodging industry is much more than just a place for your guests to find rest. The comfort of your guests is paramount. You want to lavish them with attention and the best customer service anywhere. You know this has everything to do with having employees who take pride in their work—employees who go above and beyond for your guests.

Our team of consultants share your passion for five-star customer service. We have years of practical experience helping those in the lodging industry. We understand that developing the right risk and insurance solutions takes dedication, hard work, and the right attitude. We provide you with the necessary tools to keep your guests and employees safe, while promoting return business. Let us tailor a risk management program to fit your needs so you can focus on taking care of your guests.

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Manufacturers affect the U.S. economy in significant ways. They employ millions of workers and produce and export trillions of dollars of goods. As the owner/operator of a manufacturing company, you have much to protect. Manufacturers insurance is your means to protect your employees, business assets and production capabilities.

Manufacturing insurance can also be difficult to manage—very much like the business of manufacturing itself, no two policies are exactly alike. Manufacturing companies face unique, risks that other businesses simply don’t. The industry experts at GoodWorks Financial Group also know that your success as a manufacturer depends on your ability to consistently produce a high volume of product on paper thin margins, no matter what’s happening around you. Unfortunately, a lot of what affects the company’s production schedule is beyond your control.

That’s where the seasoned professionals at GoodWorks Financial Group come in. We will help you find the appropriate manufacturing insurance products, tailored specifically to meet the needs of your company. We will work with you to access multiple manufacturers’ insurance companies, compare multiple manufacturing insurance policies and find the one(s) that best fit your operation.


Being a nonprofit does not mean that your insurance needs are different, or are in any way, less important than those of a for-profit company—quite the contrary. Given the limited budget on which many nonprofits operate and knowing that a single large, and almost always unexpected loss could mean disaster, it is critical for nonprofits to have the right insurance program in place, and for that, you need the right insurance partners.

Working together, the industry experts at GoodWorks Financial Group will tailor a risk and insurance program to fit your unique operations, as well as your budget. This creates a win-win for both of our organizations and an opportunity to spend less time worrying about disasters and more time doing what we do best—serving our communities.


At GoodWorks Financial Group, we know that creating wealth from your industry expertise takes hard work, determination, and focus. Ensuring wealth for your life and generations to come requires even more. For each of our clients, we craft a personalized plan to minimize the potential for financial loss.

Through analyses of your unique exposures and the potential detrimental outcome on your finances, we optimize a plan to serve your needs by recommending detailed strategies to protect you from a loss before it happens, offering a whole host of risk management services based on your personal and professional liabilities, and leveraging our deep relationships with highly rated insurance carriers.

As a client of GoodWorks Financial Group, we are here to protect you, your circumstances, your assets and your involvements.

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Keeping your restaurant prospering can seem like walking on a knife’s edge. Let GoodWorks Financial Group help.

Working together, we will provide you with cost of risk solutions that will drive positive financial returns, without jeopardizing your potential to provide five star service for your unique and ever-evolving restaurant company.

Our hand-picked team of restaurant and bar professionals has years of practical experience. We know the challenges you face. We understand that developing the right solutions for the unique risks of your operations such as food borne illness, liquor liability and supply chain, require skill, determination and a depth of industry knowledge.

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Most surety companies issue surety bonds through surety bond producers, commonly referred to as agents or brokers. That is why the first step toward establishing sound surety credit is contacting a professional surety bond producer. The producer is an integral part of the surety relationship, and should be considered a member of the contractor’s external advisory group—along with attorneys, CPAs, and bank officers.

Surety bonding is an intricate process, and each surety company has its own unique underwriting standards and practices. Business philosophies, market niche, and underwriting practices vary from company to company. The producer understands these differences, and can match the needs of the contractor with the surety company that is best suited to service those needs.

The surety experts at GoodWorks Financial Group will help you in securing the most appropriate terms, conditions and pricing for your bonding and surety programs. We work with an unparalleled sense of urgency in order to help you achieve your company’s desired results.

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Metayer Bonding Associates has provided Hop River Concrete with its bonding needs for over 20 years. Michael and his staff have served us in a professional fashion as well as adding a personal touch in all that they do. Nothing takes the place of knowledge, experience and service. You would be well served to have Metayer Bonding on your side.
— PETER P. JAQUES President Hop River Concrete, Inc., Columbia, CT