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Our Companions in Manchester and Ashford Celebrates 15 Years of Service

Our Companions Animal Rescue, which rehabilitates abused, neglected, and special-needs homeless cats and dogs, will celebrate its 15th anniversary in October.

“We congratulate Our Companions on 15 years of doing great things for vulnerable animals,” said Edward F. Ryan, senior vice president, with Our Companions supporter GoodWorks Insurance in Columbia.

GoodWorks Insurance offers a way for people to support Our Companions without spending an extra cent. Whenever an Our Companions member, donor or employee buys insurance from GoodWorks Insurance, it will donate half of its profits. The money will be held in a special fund disbursed to Our Companions annually.

“This is a great way for people to support us while getting the best deals in insurance and responsive professional service,” said Our Companions CEO Susan B. Linker.

Local residents have taken advantage of the program, which was unveiled in March. GoodWorks Insurance offers, auto, homeowners, business, life and health insurance.

Our Companions is building three new animal cottages. The new facilities, which will open in early 2018, will double the number of homeless cats and dogs at the 43-acre Ashford Sanctuary.

The nonprofit has 22 full and part time employees and more than 400 volunteers. It is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) charity funded entirely by donations. From its headquarters in Manchester at the Valerie Friedman Program Center, it operates many other life-saving programs. They include dog training, dog and cat behavioral-support programs, feral cat management programs, adoptions and more.

GoodWorks Insurance is an independent insurance agency with offices in Glastonbury, Columbia, New Milford, and Avon that donates at least 50 percent of its annual profits to local charities.

For more information about the Our Companions insurance program, call Marc Gotler of GoodWorks Insurance at 860-633-0241, ext. 405 or write

Hartford nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs with environmental or social missions gets support from Connecticut insurance agency that gives half to nonprofits.

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