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GoodWorks Insurance

Founded in 2006, GoodWorks Insurance has been one of America’s fastest growing insurance agencies. Our mission of “Purpose Beyond Profit” is fulfilled through GoodWorks Community Grants and our dedicated Special Charitable Funds Program.


Administered by our Partner Agencies & Brokers, GoodWorks Insurance offers specially tailored insurance programs specifically designed to accelerate charitable giving to local non-profits that focus on education, healthcare and public safety. We offer programs across the nation in auto, home and business insurance, as well as surety bonds and group health - all delivered with world class service from an unparalleled team of experts.

In addition to our specially tailored programs and in support of the communities we serve, GoodWorks Insurance commits to donate a minimum of 50% of its operating profits to local nonprofits annualy.

At GoodWorks Insurance we pride ourselves in being different in our approach to managing your risk and insurance needs and pioneers in making a difference — for our clients and their communities in ways never seen before.

Industria Risk & Insurance Services

Industria Risk & Insurance Services is a specialty firm focused on seven specific industry verticals:  Cannabis Operations, Entertainment & Events, Gaming, Lodging, Restaurants, Sports & Recreation, and Tribal Enterprises.  When you ask yourself, “why Industria,” the answer will seem obvious—as our name suggests, we know your niche. 


We work in tandem with you to understand not only your risk and insurance service needs, but what you aspire to achieve as a company. We pride ourselves in being different in our approach to managing your risks and in making a difference—for our clients and for the communities we serve.

So whether you are looking for the right insurance services partner, or for something more specific, such as training programs that have been built and tailored to the needs of your company, look no further than the industry experts at Industria Risk & Insurance Services.

Metayer Bonding Associates

Metayer Bonding Associates is the largest privately owned surety-only agency in the Northeast United States. We offer surety bonds for construction companies throughout the Northeast and nationally with a heavy concentration of clients in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey.


Our experience and reputation in the bonding industry, along with our strong bond company relationships, allow us to maintain our extensive expertise for our clients. We take great pride in the quality of service provided to our clients. Prompt, professional handling of our clients’ needs is the priority and foundation of our company and why we have maintained an annual client retention level of 99%.

Our core principles of honesty, integrity and hard work have established Metayer Bonding Associates as one of the leading and most respected surety bond agencies in the Northeast. Operating throughout the U.S. we represent 15 of the most prominent bond companies in the country, which provides us with complete market coverage to secure the most effective bond programs available in the industry today.

Profound Specialty Programs

Our vision with Profound Specialty Programs is purposeful driven product creation—to develop insurance programs with a purpose. Profound Specialty Programs focuses on the development of insurance programs that align with the niche industries we operate in, and address the unique risks of our client population.


By definition, industry specialization is the act of splitting up processes of work into individual responsibilities that are each handled by the most qualified individuals available. That’s where we come in.

At Profound Specialty Programs, the mission of our industry experts is to develop purposeful insurance programs that fit the specific needs of the niche industries we represent.

Focused on Entertainment & Events, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure, Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs, Sports & Recreation, Tribal Enterprises, and Cannabis Operations, we know your niche!

Wheeler & Taylor Insurance

Wheeler & Taylor, Inc. is one of the oldest continuously operated financial institutions in the United States. Its long and storied history includes insurance, real estate brokerage and banking. Today, Wheeler & Taylor Insurance is one of the largest privately owned insurance agencies based in Massachusetts, operating from numerous locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut and California, and serving a clientele throughout the U.S. and internationally.


At Wheeler & Taylor we are committed to the highest levels of excellence and professionalism in the services we offer our customers. Our business philosophy calls for every employee to focus on our customers and be responsive to their needs. We devote careful attention and detail to providing the most knowledgeable expertise, advice, and friendly, resourceful service available in the industry.

Our commercial insurance and employee benefits divisions work with clients that range from sole-proprietorships to multi-national corporations with over a thousand employees. Particular expertise resides in fields of financial institutions, manufacturers, transportation and fuel delivery, non-profits, as well as brewers, distillers and cannabis operations.

Wheeler & Taylor's High Net Worth (HNW) insurance division has also carved out a fast growing niche on a national and international scale. Led by dedicated HNW personal insurance experts, we bring detailed and complete analysis and management of personal risk portfolios to a new level of sophistication. Working with every top insurance carrier that operates in the HNW space, along with the capability to develop bespoke insurance programs in the Lloyds of London market for unusual risks, Wheeler & Taylor's HNW team has what it takes to deliver the pesonalized, dedicated expertise and service that you need and should expect from your HNW broker.

Wheeler & Taylor is known throughout the community by our active leadership in numerous civic and community activities, and support of community services in the places we work and live, as is the hallmark of all GoodWorks Financial companies.

Wheeler & Taylor real estate

Wheeler & Taylor, Inc. is an independent real estate broker operating in Western Massachussets. We are committed to the highest levels of excellence and professionalism in the services we offer our customers.


Wheeler & Taylor Realty Company has been serving Berkshire County and Western Massachusetts since 1871, while our newly acquired ISGOOD Real Estate division has been serving the same region since 1948. Our offices in Berkshire County, Massachusetts handle a wide selection of country homes, vacation properties, large estates, commercial properties, undeveloped land, and waterfront properties. We are here for you when you need us - Berkshire County's trusted real estate advisors and brokers for nearly 150 years!

Like most start-up breweries, our insurance was originally done quickly - without looking into all aspects, just to get it done in the most cost efficient manner. This was a mistake and cost us much more than it should have to get the coverage we needed. GoodWorks Insurance was able to put together a comprehensive insurance program specifically tailored to our needs and at very competitive prices. This policy was much less than we were paying and tailored for all the needs in our industry. We highly recommend using GoodWorks Insurance for your craft beer or business insurance needs
— BILL COLLINS President Firefly Hollow Brewing Co.